What is the model 1790L811A?


Siemens VFD I/O Module

1790L811A/ VFD MM430 MM440 MM 420

Siemens Micromaster Series Terminal Controller Module






Single Phase 208V--240V without built-in filter

Model Compatible Power KW
6SE6440-2UC11-2AA1 0.12KW
6SE6440-2UC12-5AA1 0.25KW
6SE6440-2UC13-7AA1 0.37KW
6SE6440-2UC15-5AA1 0.55KW
6SE6440-2UC17-5AA1 0.75KW
6SE6440-2UC21-1BA1 1.1KW
6SE6440-2UC21-5BA1 1.5KW
6SE6440-2UC22-2BA1 2.2KW
KW6SE6440-2UC23-0CA1 3KW

MM440 VFD 3 Phase 380V--480V without built-in filter 

Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6440-2UD13-7AA1 0.37KW
6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 0.55KW
6SE6440-2UD17-5AA1 0.75KW
6SE6440-2UD21-1AA1 1.1KW
6SE6440-2UD21-5AA1 1.5KW
6SE6440-2UD22-2BA1 2.2KW
6SE6440-2UD23-0BA1 3KW
6SE6440-2UD24-0BA1 4KW
6SE6440-2UD25-5CA1 5.5KW
6SE6440-2UD27-5CA1 7.5KW
6SE6440-2UD31-1CA1 11KW
6SE6440-2UD31-5DA1 15KW
6SE6440-2UD31-8DA1 18.5KW
6SE6440-2UD32-2DA1 22KW
6SE6440-2UD33-0EA1 30KW
6SE6440-2UD33-7EA1 37KW
6SE6440-2UD34-5FA1 45KW
6SE6440-2UD35-5FA1 55KW
6SE6440-2UD37-5FA1 75KW
6SE6440-2UD38-8FA1 90KW
6SE6440-2UD41-1FA1 110KW
6SE6440-2UD41-3GA1 132KW
6SE6440-2UD41-6GA1 160KW
6SE6440-2UD42-0GA1 200KW

MM430 VFD 3 phase 380V--480V without built-in filter

Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6430-2UD27-5CA0 7.5KW
6SE6430-2UD31-1CA0 11KW
6SE6430-2UD31-5CA0 15KW
6SE6430-2UD31-8DA0 18.5KW
6SE6430-2UD32-2DA0 22KW
6SE6430-2UD33-0DA0 30KW
6SE6430-2UD33-7EA0 37KW
6SE6430-2UD34-5EA0 45KW
6SE6430-2UD35-5FA0 55KW
KW6SE6430-2UD37-5FA0 75KW
KW6SE6430-2UD38-8FA0 90KW
6SE6430-2UD41-1FA0 110KW
6SE6430-2UD41-3FA0 132KW
6SE6430-2UD41-6GA0 160KW
6SE6430-2UD42-0GA0 200KW
6SE6430-2UD42-5GA0 250KW

MM420VFD Single Phase 208--240V without built-in filter

Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6420-2UC11-2AA1 0.12KW
6SE6420-2UC12-5AA1 0.25KW
6SE6420-2UC13-7AA1 0.37KW
6SE6420-2UC15-5AA1 0.55KW
6SE6420-2UC17-5AA1 0.75KW
6SE6420-2UC21-1BA1 1.1KW
6SE6420-2UC21-5BA1 1.5KW
6SE6420-2UC22-2BA1 2.2KW
6SE6420-2UC23-0CA1 3KW

MM420VFD 3 phase  380--480V without built-in Phase

Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6420-2UD13-7AA1 0.37KW
6SE6420-2UD15-5AA1 0.55KW
6SE6420-2UD17-5AA1 0.75KW
6SE6420-2UD21-1AA1 1.1KW
6SE6420-2UD21-5AA1 1.5KW
6SE6420-2UD22-2BA1 2.2KW
6SE6420-2UD23-0BA1 3KW
6SE6420-2UD24-0BA1 4KW
6SE6420-2UD25-5CA1 5.5KW
6SE6420-2UD27-5CA1 7.5KW
6SE6420-2UD31-1CA1 11KW

MM410 VFD SINGLE PHASE  208--240V WITHOUT built-in filter

Model Compatible Motor Power KW

6SE6410-2UB11-2AA0 0.12KW
6SE6410-2UB12-5AA0 0.25KW
6SE6410-2UB13-7AA0 0.37KW
6SE6410-2UB15-5BA0 0.55KW
6SE6410-2UB17-5BA0 0.75KW
MM440 VFD Single Phase 208V--240V with built-in filter
Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6440-2AB11-2AA1 0.12KW
6SE6440-2AB12-5AA1 0.25KW
6SE6440-2AB13-7AA1 0.37KW
6SE6440-2AB15-5AA1 0.55KW
6SE6440-2AB17-5AA1 0.75KW
6SE6440-2AB21-1BA1 1.1KW
6SE6440-2AB21-5BA1 1.5KW

MM440VFD  3 phase 380V--480V with built-in filter

Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6440-2AD22-2BA1 2.2KW
6SE6440-2AD23-0BA1 3KW
6SE6440-2AD24-0BA1 4KW
6SE6440-2AD25-5CA1 5.5KW
6SE6440-2AD27-5CA1 7.5KW
6SE6440-2AD31-1CA1 11KW
6SE6440-2AD31-5DA1 15KW
6SE6440-2AD31-8DA1 18.5KW
6SE6440-2AD32-2DA1 22KW
6SE6440-2AD33-0EA1 30KW
6SE6440-2AD33-7EA1 37KW
6SE6440-2AD34-5FA1 45KW
6SE6440-2AD35-5FA1 55KW
6SE6440-2AD37-5FA1 75KW
MM430 VFD 3 Phase 380V--480V with built-in filter
Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6430-2AD27-5CA0 7.5KW
6SE6430-2AD31-1CA0 11KW
6SE6430-2AD31-5CA0 15KW
6SE6430-2AD31-8DA0 18.5KW
6SE6430-2AD32-2DA0 22KW
6SE6430-2AD33-0DA0 30KW
6SE6430-2AD33-7EA0 37KW
6SE6430-2AD34-5EA0 45KW
6SE6430-2AD35-5FA0 55KW
6SE6430-2AD37-5FA0 75KW
6SE6430-2AD38-8FA0 90KW

MM420 VFD Single Phase 208--240V with built-in Filter

Model Compatible Motor Power KW
6SE6420-2AB11-2AA1 0.12KW
6SE6420-2AB12-5AA1 0.25KW
6SE6420-2AB13-7AA1 0.37KW
6SE6420-2AB15-5AA1 0.55KW
6SE6420-2AB17-5AA1 0.75KW
6SE6420-2AB21-1BA1 1.1KW
6SE6420-2AB21-5BA1 1.5KW
MM420 VFD 3 Phase  380--480V  with built-in filter
6SE6420-2AD22-2BA1 2.2KW
6SE6420-2AD23-0BA1 3KW
6SE6420-2AD24-0BA1 4KW
6SE6420-2AD25-5CA1 5.5KW
6SE6420-2AD27-5CA1 7.5KW
6SE6420-2AD31-1CA1 11KW

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