6es7392-1aj00-0aa06es7392-1aj00-0aa0 Front Connectors Supports Hassle Free Module Replacement

Siemens has designed some of the innovative electronic equipment’s and the front connector 6es7392-1aj00-0aa0 is one of them. The front connector is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern users and features excellent wiring system for a flawless connection. The front connector can be used with any CPU of S7-300 I/O series and follows a simple mechanism system for a hassle free experience.

  • 6es7392-1aj00-0aa0 front connector comes with an easy to use screw terminal for connection purpose.
  • To make the front connector user-friendly for one and all, it has been provided with some simple mechanism to connect sensors as well as actuators to the modules of S7-300 I/O series.
  • The device has been designed in such a way that that the wiring does not get tampered during the module replacement process, making it a useful choice for permanent wiring.
  • Manufacturers have used mechanical coding system to keep the device error free even when the modules are replaced.
  • Though this front connector series have 20-pin and 40-pin variants, the one with model number 6es7392-1aj00-0aa0, comes with 20-pin.
  • 6es7392-1aj00-0aa0-euThe device features both analog and digital I/O modules, which in turn boosts its user-friendliness.
  • Keeping the safety aspects on mind, the device is covered by front door, when it is plugged in any module.
  • The wiring system is so smooth that there is no need to replace the entire wiring when replacing the module. Thus, you can avoid all complexities of module replacement and save your time.
  • The pre-engagement position of the front-connector is also an added advantage for the users.
  • The wires are designed in such a way that they do not get strained during usage.

Siemens front-connector 6es7392-1aj00-0aa0 is now available in different online stores. Therefore, you can get them from any store at ease.

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