6es7392-1am00-0aa06es7392-1am00-0aa0 Front Connector With Screw Terminals

A proper backup system is something that is searched by almost all computer users. Whether it is power backup or it is memory backup, you need to have it all. If you have to work in a place, where power instability is a problem, you can opt for the 6es7392-1am00-0aa0 front connector. Manufactured by Siemens, this connector has received positive response in the market and comes with loads for user-friendly features.

  • 6es7392-1am00-0aa0 offers an user-friendly and simple option to connect actuators and sensors with S7-300 I/O modules.
  • The device is also useful for the maintenance of permanent wiring while the modules are replaced.
  • It helps to avoid errors in mechanical coding while the modules are being changed.
  • The front connector 6es7392-1am00-0aa0 is equally effective in connecting analog and digital I/O modules.
  • It can effectively connect compact CPUs from any device of the S7-300 series.
  • The device supports 40-pin variants for the ease of use.
  • The front connector is safely covered with the front door and so there is least risk of any accident.
  • Just disconnecting the front connector helps in replacing any module and there is no need to waste time for disconnecting all the wires.
  • 6es7392-1am00-0aa0-euAlso there is no risk of errors during the replacement process as the front connector gets mechanically coded, once it is plugged-in for the first time. Once replaced, only same type module can be fitted in the slot.
  • The front connector comes with stain relief feature for the wires and also has the necessary connections for the contacts.
  • The device features reset key to reset the front connector once the module is replaced.
  • The front connector 6es7392-1am00-0aa0 features screw terminals, making it easy to use.

The front connector is now available in store. Just place your order and enjoy an uninterrupted service.

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