6xv1830-0eh10-eu6xv1830-0eh10 Profibus Cable Specially Designed For Faster Installation Work

Siemens is now a leading name, in the market of electronic equipments. Whether you are looking for an inverter, to keep your computer running during a power outage or you need cables to connect devices in the most hazardous locations, you can rely on Siemens products for all your needs. PROFIBUS cables of the company are also suitable for multiple uses, and the one with 6xv1830-0eh10 can be considered as the best choice for establishing a network connection within the shortest time.

  • 6xv1830-0eh10 PROFIBUS cables can be put to use for different types of applications, viz. trailing cables, working in hazardous areas like Zone 1 or Zone 2 and underground cables.
  • we designed the cables to offer double shielding and high interference immunity. Thus, there is least risk of accidents.
  • To make it safer for the users, we keep flame-retardant and halogen-free.
  • The printed meter marking on the cables help in easy measurement and UL approvals provide added benefits to the users.
  • The PROFIBUS cables with model number 6xv1830-0eh10 come with 2-wire and offers flexible application possibilities.
  • 6xv1830-0eh10The uniform grounding concept of this cable has offered complete immunity to the network and it is free from all sorts of interference.
  • Known as Fast Connect cables, this can help in completely the connection in a jiffy with its fast connector assembly process.
  • The cables are devoid of any silicon use and can be used by the automotive industries as well.

Siemens cables and other electronic equipments are now available in different stores. So, it will not be difficult to find the PROFIBUS cables that you need. Order them online and use avoid hassles.

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