We produce these substitute S7-200,300,Profibus Products.
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S7- 300 Front Connector 6ES7392-1AJ00 -0AA0 20 Pin
6ES7392-1AM00 -0AA0 40 Pin
S7 -300 Rack 6ES7390-1AF30 -0AA0 530mm
6ES7390-1AJ30 -0AA0 830mm
6ES7390-1AB60 -0AA0 160mm
6ES7390-1AE80 -0AA0 482mm
6ES7390-1BC00 -0AA0 2000mm
6ES7195-1GA00 -0XA0 483mm
6ES7195-1GF30 -0XA0 530mm
6ES7195-1GG30 -0XA0 620mm
6ES7195-1GC00 -0XA0 2000mm
S7-400 Rack 6ES7492-1AL00 -0AA0 48 Pin
PS307 6ES7 307- 1EA00-0AA0 24V 5A
6ES7 307- 1EA01-0AA0 24V 5A
6ES7 307- 1KA01-0AA0 24V 10A
6ES7 307- 1KA02-0AA0 24V 10A
PC Adapter /USB 6ES7972-0CB20 -0XA0 USB-DP,MPI,PPI
6GK1571-0BA00 -0AA0 USB-DP,MPI,PPI
6ES7972-0CA23 -0XA0 RS232- DP,MPI,PPI
CP5611, CP5512 6GK1561- 1AA00 PCI-DP,MPI,PPI
6GK15611- 1AA01 PCI-DP,MPI,PPI
6GK1551- 2AA00 PCMCIA
CP5512 Express Card Express
Profibus Connector 6ES7972-0BA12 -0XA0 90 Degree
6ES7972-0BB12 -0XA0 90 Degree,PG
6ES7972-0BA41 -0XA0 35 Degree
6ES7972-0BB41 -0XA0 35 Degree,PG
6ES7972-0BA42 -0XA0 35 Degree
6ES7972-0BB42 -0XA0 35 Degree,PG
6ES7972-0BA50 -0XA0 90 Degree,Fast
6ES7972-0BB50 -0XA0 90 Degree,Fast
6ES7972-0BA52 -0XA0 90 Degree,Fast
6ES7972-0BB52 -0XA0 90 Degree,Fast
6GK1500- 0FC00 180 Degree,Fast
6GK1500- 0FC10 180 Degree,Fast
6GK1500- 0EA02 180 Degree,Metal
KW-DP90 Diagnostic 90′
KW-DP91 Isolationed 90′
Profibus Cable 6XV1830- 0EH10 2 wire
Profinet 6XV1840- 2AH10 2X2, Cable
S7- 200 Cable 6ES7 901- 3CB30-0XA0 PC-PPI
6ES7 901- 3DB30-0XA0 USB-PPI
LOGO! Cable 6ED1057-1AA00 -0BA0 LOGO!PC-CABLE
S5 Cable 6ES5 734- 1BD20 PC/TTY
MPI Cable 6ES7 901- 0BF00-0AA0. MPI
RS232 cable 6ES7 901- 1BF00-0XA0 RS232
OP cable 6XV1 440- 2KH32 OP programming
Ethernet- 300 KW-300- ETH ETH to MPI,DP
Ethernet- 200 KW-200- ETH ETH to PPI
Ethernet- 300 KW-300-ETH- Adapter ETH to MPI,DP
Ethernet- 200 KW-200-ETH- Adapter ETH to PPI
Wifi-300 KW-300- WIFI Wifi to MPI,DP
Wifi-200 KW-200- WIFI Wifi to PPI
S7- 200 CPU 6ES7214-1AD23 -0XB0 14 DI, 10 DO
6ES7214-1BD23 -0XB0 14 DI, 10 Relay
6ES7216-2AD23 -0XB0 24 DI,16 DO
6ES7216-2BD23 -0XB0 24 DI,16 Relay
S7-200 Digital 6ES7221-1BF22 -0XA0 8 DI
6ES7221-1BH22 -0XA0 16 DI
6ES7221-1BL22 -0XA0 32 DI
6ES7222-1BF22 -0XA0 8 DO
6ES7222-1HF22 -0XA0 8 Relay
6ES7222-1BH22 -0XA0 16 DO
6ES7222-1HH22 -0XA0 16 Relay
6ES7222-1BL22 -0XA0 32 DO
6ES7223-1BF22 -0XA0 4 DI, 4 DO
6ES7223-1HF22 -0XA0 4 DI,4 Relay
6ES7223-1BH22 -0XA0 8 DI,8 DO
6ES7223-1PH22 -0XA0 8 DI,8 Relay
6ES7223-1BL22 -0XA0 16 DI,16 DO
6ES7223-1PL22 -0XA0 16 DI,16 Relay
S7-200 Analog 6ES7231-0HC22 -0XA0 4 AI
6ES7231-0HF22 -0XA0 8 AI
6ES7232-0HB22 -0XA0 2 AO
6ES7232-0HD22 -0XA0 4 AO
6ES7235-0KD22 -0XA0 4 AI, 1 AO
6ES7231-7PB22 -0XA0 2 AI RTD
6ES7231-7PD22 -0XA0 4AI TC
6ES7231-7PC22 -0XA0 4AI RTD
6ES7231-7PH22 -0XA0 8 AI TC
6ES7231-7PF22 -0XA0 8 AI TC
6ES7231-7PL22 -0XA0 16 AI TC
6ES7231-7HC22 -0XA0 4 AI Energy
S7- 200 Commu 6ES7291-8BA20 -0XA0 Battery
6ES7291-8GF23 -0XA0 64K Memory
6ES7290-6AA20 -0XA0 I/O Module Cable
6ES7277-0AA22 -0XA0 EM277 Profibus
6ES7260-1AA00 -0XA0 IM 260 DP
6ES7261-0AA22 -0XA0 IM 261 RTU
S7 -300 Digital 6ES7321-1BH02 -0AA0 16 DI NPN
6ES7321-1BH50 -0AA0 16 DI PNP
6ES7321-1FH00 -0AA0 16 DI AC
6ES7321-1BL00 -0AA0 32 DI
6ES7322-1BF01 -0AA0 8 DO
6ES7322-1BH01 -0AA0 16 DO
6ES7322-1HH01 -0AA0 16 Relay
6ES7322-1BL00 -0AA0 32 DO
6ES7323-1BL00 -0AA0 16 DI,16 DO
S7 -300 Analog 6ES7331-1KF02 -0AB0 8 AI 13bit
6ES7331-7KF02 -0AB0 8 AI 16bit
6ES7331-7PF01 -0AB0 8 AI RTD
6ES7331-7PF11 -0AB0 8 AI TC
6ES7332-5HD01 -0AB0 4 AO
6ES7332-5HF00 -0AB0 8 AO
6ES7335-7HG02 -0AB0 4 AI, 4 AO Counter
S7- 300 Commu 6ES7153-3MB00 -0XB0 Modbus-TCP
6ES7153-1AA03 -0XB0 Profibus Remote IO
6ES7341-1CH02-0AE0 RS485/422
6ES7390-1AF30-0AA0   Plc rail(530mm)
6ES7322-5GH00-0AB0 Switch output module(16 points,24VDC,Independent contact, fault protection)
6AV66430CB011AX1 MP277 64 k color, 7.5 inch TFT LCD display, touch
6ES7322-8BF00-0AB0 Switch output module(8 points,24VDC)diagnosibility
6ES73141AG140AB0 CPU314,96K internal storage
6ES7953-8LF200AA0 SIMATIC Micro memory card 64kByte(MMC)
6ES72411AA220XA0 EM 241 Modem module
6ES72110AA230XB0 CPU221 DC/DC/DC 6 input/output 4
6ES73172AK140AB0 CPU317-2DP,512K internal storage
6ES72918BA200XA0 BC 293 S7-200CPUA battery pack (lithium battery CPU22X series)
6ES7322-1FF01-0AA0 Switch output module(8 points,120V/230VAC)
6ES79720BB120XA0 PROFIBUS Bus connector, RS485, 90 degree qualification, programming interface
6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0 Number 8 analog input, 16, heat resistance
6ES73136CG040AB0 CPU313C-2DP,64K internal storage 16DI/16DO
6ES73172EK140AB0 CPU317-2 PN/DP,1MB internal storage
6ES7331-7NF10-0AB0 Analog input module (8, 15) precision of 4 channel model
6ES79011BF000XA0 HMI/PCConnecting cable line 5 meters with 232 972-0 ca23 use
6ES7323-1BH01-0AA0 8 points input,24VDC;8 points output,24VDC module
6ES72121BB230XB0 CPU222 , AC/DC/Relay 8input/6output
6ES72231PH220XA0 EM223Digital input /output module,8input/8relay output,24VDC
6ES7368-3BF01-0AA0 Connect the cable (5 meter)
6ES73071EA010AA0 Power supply module(5A)
6AV66440AB012AX0 MP377 15 inch TFT LCD display, 64 k color, touch
6ES7321-1EL00-0AA0 Switch input module(32 points,120VAC)
6ES72310HF220XA0 EM231 Analog input module, 8 input
6ES72110BA230XB0 CPU221 AC/DC/Relay input/output 4 June
6ES72231PM220XA0 EM223Digital input /output module,32input/32relay output24VDC
6ES72231BF220XA0 EM223Digital input /output module,4input/4output,24VDC
6ES7307-1BA010AA0 Power supply module(2A)
6ES79538LL310AA0 SIMATIC Micro memory card 2MByte(MMC)
6ES7322-1HF01-0AA0 Switch output module(8 points,relay,2A
6ES72221BD220XA0 EM222Digital output modules  4output 24VDC-5A
6AV66400DA110AX0 For SIMATIC S7-200 KTP178MICRO 5.7 inches of the STN, according to grade 4 blue, touch screen + custom function buttons
6ES72211BH220XA0 EM221 Digital input modules  16input 24VDC
6ES7321-1FF10-0AA0 Switch input module(8 points,120/230VAC)
6ES73152EH140AB0 CPU315-2 PN/DP, 256K internal storage
6ES7331-7PF01-0AB0 Number 8 analog input, 16, heat resistance
6ES7361-3CA01-0AA0 IM361 Interface module
6ES7332-5HF00-0AB0 Analog output module (8road)
6ES72531AA220XA0 EM 253 Positioning module
6ES7322-1BH01-0AA0 Switch output module(16 points,24VDC)
6ES79720BB410XA0 PROFIBUS Bus connector, RS485, 45 degree qualification,programming interface
6AV66430AA011AX0 TP 277  5, 7 inch TFT, 256 colors, touch
6AV66430DB011AX1 MP277 64 k color, 7.5 inch TFT LCD display, touch
6ES72317PB220XA0 EM231 2 Road input thermocouple
6ES72320HD220XA0 EM232,  Analog output modules,4 output
6ES7321-1BH10-0AA0 Switch input module(16 points,24VDC)
6AV66420DC011AX1 OP177B DP  5.7 inches of the STN LCD, 256 color, touch
6ES7322-1BF01-0AA0 Switch output module(8 points,24VDC,2A)
6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 Analog input (RTD) 4 road/analog output (2)
6ES79538LG200AA0 SIMATIC Micro memory card 128KByte(MMC)
6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 Analog input module (8, 13 accuracy)
6ES72231PL220XA0 EM223Digital input /output module,16input/16relay output 24VDC
6AV66430CD011AX1 MP277 64 k color, 7.5 inch TFT LCD display, touch
6ES72350KD220XA0 EM235, Analog input/output module 4 input/output module 1 * 12
6AV66420AA110AX1 TP177A 5.7 inch, 4 blue, the STN LCD, touch
6ES7360-3AA01-0AA0 IM360 Interface module
6ES79720BA500XA0 PROFIBUS Bus connector, RS485, 90 degree qualification, no programming interface, fast connection
6ES79720AA010XA0 RS-485 IP 20Repeater isolation
6ES7322-1BH10-0AA0 Switch output module(16 points,24VDC)fast
6ES72211EF220XA0 EM221 Digital input modules  8 input(interchange 120/230VAC)
6ES73136BG040AB0 CPU313C-2PTP,64K internal storage 16DI/16DO
6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 Analog input module (8 road, a variety of signal)
6ES7312-5BF040AB0 CPU312C,32K internal storage 10DI/6DO
6ES7953-8LJ300AA0 SIMATIC Micro memory card 512KByte(MMC)
6ES7321-1BH02-0AA0 Switch input module(16 points,24VDC)
6ES72231BL220XA0 EM223Digital input /output module,16input/16output 24VDC
6ES72231BM220XA EM223Digital input /output module,32input/32output 24VDC
6ES73152AH140AB0 CPU315-2DP, 128K internal storage
6ES79720BA120XA0 PROFIBUS Bus connector, RS485, 90 degree qualification, no programming interface
6AV66420BA011AX0 TP177B PN DP  5.7 inches of the STN LCD, 256 color, touch
6ES7321-7BH01-0AB0 Switch input module(16 points,24VDC,diagnosibility)
6ES73135BG040AB0 CPU313C,64K internal storage 24DI/16DO / 4AI/2AO
6ES72918GF230XA0 MC291,S7-200 CPU Storage box,64 KB
6ES7368-3CB01-0AA0 Connect the cable (10 meter)
6ES72141BD230XB0 CPU224 ,AC/DC/Relay 14input/10output(16K Program and data space)
6ES72221EF220XA0 EM222 Digital output modules 8 output(interchange 120/230VAC)
6ES79538LM200AA0 SIMATIC Micro meoory card 4MByte(MMC)
6AV66440AA012AX0 MP37712 inch TFT LCD display, 64 k color, touch
6AV66400AA000AX0 For Siemens S7-200 -TD400C a new generation of text display, 4 Chinese text display, fashionable blue backlight
6ES7331-7NF00-0AB0 Analog input module (8, 15 accuracy)
6ES72317PF220XA0 EM231,4 Road input thermocouple
6ES72211BF220XA0 EM221Digital input modules  8input 24VDC
6ES72162BD230XB0 CPU226,AC/DC/Relay 24input/16output(26K Program and data space)
6ES7322-1FL00-0AA0 Switch output module(32 points,120VAC/230VAC)
6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0 Plc rail(480mm)
6ES7365-0BA01-0AA0 IM365 Interface module
6ES7322-1FH00-0AA0 Switch output module(16 points,120V/230VAC)
6ES72141AD230XB0 CPU224,DC/DC/DC 14input/10output(16K Program and data space)
6ES7331-7KB02-0AB0 Analog input module (2 road, a variety of signal)
6ES72317PC220XA0 EM231 4 Road input thermocouple
6ES7321-1BH50-0AA0 Switch input module(16 points,24VDC,Source input)
6ES7368-3BB01-0AA0 Connect the cable (1 meter)
6ES7321-1BL00-0AA0 Switch input module(32 points,24VDC)
6ES72770AA220XA0 EM277 PROFIBUS-DP module
6ES72142AD230XB0 CPU224XP ,DC/DC/DC 14input/10out,2AI/1AO
6ES72906AA200XA0 Extension cable, I/O extension, 0.8 meters, the CPU 22 x/EM
6ES7332-7ND02-0AB0 Analog output modules(4, 15 precision)
6AV66430DD011AX1 MP277 64 k color, 10.4 inch TFT LCD display, buttons
6ES7368-3BC51-0AA0 Connect the cable (2.5 meter)
6AV66440AC012AX0 MP37715 inch TFT LCD display, 64 k color, touch
6ES72162AD230XB0 CPU226 ,DC/DC/DC 24input/16output(26K Program and data space)
6ES72971AA230XA0 New CPU 221 and 222 Clock card (including battery card function) : the new clock can only work in a new generation of CPU card, the new card can’t work in the second generation of CPU clock, the clock card can’t work in a new generation of CPU.
6ES7321-1FF01-0AA0 Switch input module(8 points,120/230VAC)
6ES72221BF220XA0 EM222 Digital output modules 8output24VDC
6AV66420BC011AX1 TP177B DP 5.7 inches of the STN LCD, 256 color, touch
6ES7332-5HB01-0AB0 Analog output module (2road)
6ES7321-1CH20-0AA0 Switch input module(16 points,48/125VDC)
6ES72231HF220XA0 EM222 Digital output modules 8output relay output
6AV66420BD013AX0 TP177B 4 inch 256 colors, TFT screen and buttons + touch
6ES79013DB300XA0 Programming communication cable, USB interface, PC/PPI, USB/RS485 conversion, photoelectric isolation, maximum 187.5 K baud rate, support for multiple master station
6ES79720BA410XA0 PROFIBUS Bus connector, RS485, 45 degree qualification, no programming interface
6ES7321-1CH00-0AA0 Switch input module(16 points,24/48VDC)
6ES7322-1CF00-0AA0 Switch output module(8 points,48-125VDC)
6ES72320HB220XA0 EM232,  Analog output modules,2 output
6ES72121AB230XB0 CPU222 , DC/DC/DC 8input/6output
6ES7321-1FH00-0AA0 Switch input module(16 points,120/230VAC)
6ES7318-3EL010AB0 CPU319-3 PN/DP,1.4M internal storage
6ES72221HD220XA0 EM222Digital output modules  4out relay -10A
6ES73146CH040AB0 CPU314C-2DP 96K internal storage 24DI/16DO / 4AI/2AO
6ES7334-0CE01-0AA0 Analog input (4)/analog output (2)
6ES72317PD220XA0 EM231,8 Road input thermocouple
6ES7332-5HD01-0AB0 Analog output module (4 road)
6ES7331-7HF01-0AB0 Analog input module (8 road, 14 precision, fast)
Communication module
6ES73071KA020AA0 Power supply module(10A)
6ES72310HC220XA0 EM231 Analog input module, 4 input
6ES72918GH230XA0 MC291,S7-200 CPU Storage box,256KB
6ES73121AE140AB0 CPU312,32K internal storage
6AV66430BA011AX0 OP 277 5, 7 inch TFT, 256 colors, touch
6ES7322-5HF00-0AB0 Switch output module(8 points,Relay,5A,fault protection)
6ES7322-1BL00-0AA0 Switch output module(32 points,24VDC)
6ES79013CB300XA0 Communication cable programming, serial port, PC/PPI, RS232/485 conversion, photoelectric isolation, maximum 187.5 K baud rate, support for multiple master station
6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0 16 points input,24VDC;16 points output,24VDC module
6ES72231BH220XA0 EM223Digital input /output module,8input/8output,24VDC
6AV66440BA012AX1 MP377 12 inch TFT LCD display, 64 k color, touch
6ES72142BD230XB0 CPU224XP CN AC/DC/Relay 14input/10output,2AI/1AO
6ES79720BB500XA0 PROFIBUS Bus connector, RS485, 90 degree qualification, no programming interface, fast connection
6GK72431EX010XE0 CP243-1 and CP243-1 IT  Ethernet module
6ES322-5FF00-0AB0 Switch output module(8 points,120V/230VAC)
6ES7322-1HF10-0AA0 Switch output module(8 points,relay,5A,Independent contact)
6ES73146BH040AB0 CPU314C-2PTP 96K internal storage 24DI/16DO / 4AI/2AO
6AV66420DA011AX1 OP177B PN/DP  5.7 inch the STN LCD, 256 colors, buttons
6ES79010BF000AA0 The MPI cable (communications cable)
6ES72221HF220XA0 EM222 Digital output modules  8output Relay output